CTG Solver

A solver for Calculator: The Game. Works up until the [+]1 button is introduced.

Script (Python3 code)

Hill Form 2

A form I made to manage a log of a hill a friend and I have for Core War(s).

Hill Form v2.2.1 (C code)
Other versions (directory)


The classic minesweeper game.

Source (C code)


A game I made inspired by Core War(s), with variable-length instructions.

Assembler v1.0.0 (C code)
Virtual machine v1.1.0 (C code)
Other versions (directory)
More info

Python One-Liner Golfing Game

A game where you code-golf python one-liners.

Script (Python3 code)

Expandable Python Smith Interpreter

An interpreter for the esoteric programming language SMITH, notable because it is Turing-complete without implementing jumps or ifs, replacing both with an instruction that copies a variable number of instructions. My interpreter does not implement the mov register, * notation, a convenience instruction for moving the current source code line number into a register. (The same can still be accomplished by specifying the line number as a literal.) EPSI is case-insensitive outside of strings and adds an equ abbr expansion directive that works similarly to C's #define (the constant usage, not the macro usage). abbr here may not have spaces in it, but expansion may. For example, equ counter r4 would allow you to use counter rather than r4 on future lines.

Script (Python3 code)

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